To take the confusion out of the equation when deciding where to fly during your visit to South Africa.

Our guides monitor the weather in all places of interest to a particular group or individual; and make the decision on the proposed itinerary based on the expected (local) weather.

For instance, a group may plan a ten-day visit, intending to start at a particular region, which can entail a five-hour drive from Cape Town airport. They may arrive at their destination, only to be faced with four days of rain; and no way to cancel the accommodation, without paying a major penalty.

We manage to get the very most out of the flying trip for our clients, by remaining flexible; and keeping everyone in the loop as the last-minute weather dictates our route…

We’re also able to negotiate favourable rates for vehicles and accommodation, through our long-term relationships with suppliers and hotel management.

Let us know what interests you, give us your timeline and group composition; and we’ll plan and arrange your trip for you, quoting up front, so that you can make an informed decision before committing yourself to unknown conditions and questionable costs.

Give us a call to discuss your dream tour!