Facilities at the Lodge

For your relaxation and convenience, we have:

  1. The pool… a source of relaxation; and a very cool place to be.

  1. The Speed Bar – under cover, in the cool restaurant area. Everything from a wide variety of beers (including local craft beers), a choice of very special wines and spirits, to sodas, tea and coffee.

  1. Restaurant: A source of excellent, often unusual cuisine, including local dishes and spicy Cape Malay fare. The best meat by far (including ostrich, beef-steaks, “game” and lamb shanks), fresh, smoked fish (snoek) and (seasonal) grilled lobster; and even crocodile goulash (“goulash” here, when cooked over open coals in a black, three-legged pot, is called “potjie”).
  2. The backyard “landing field” – several hectares in which to practice your  ground-handling skills, or merely to walk around, visiting the fenced-off reservoir, where several orphaned antelope are reared, prior to being rehabilitated into the wild.

  1. Nights are usually (at least partly) spent looking at the Milky Way and other interesting southern-hemisphere space objects, using our own telescopes. Rob is on hand to answer questions and point out interesting southern-hemisphere stars, planets and other objects.
  2. Laundry service. (Usually with same-day turnaround, if Flora is involved)
  3. Guiding around the Winelands… A local, knowledgeable (non-drinking) driver adds to the enjoyment of visiting the many wine farms which the region boasts.
  4. Horse-riding trips are available, for those who don’t fly, or who are perhaps “flown-out”…!